Need to buy or sell a ticket or car pass?

Post on our 2018 event page.

Each vehicle that enters the site must have a car pass. If you have a car pass and room, pleaseĀ consider carpooling and post in our PFG Rideshare group.

Each attendee must be assigned a ticket. If you purchase multiple tickets, you must transfer the extras to their appropriate owner.

Log into your Eventbrite account to re-assign your tickets: you need the recipient's full legal name and e-mail. Each attendee MUST be on our list by Monday, September 10 at 11:59pm PT. You need the recipient's full legal name and e-mail. Learn how here.

Ticket transfers close on Monday, September 10 at 11:59pm. Transfers will not be accepted after that.

There are no physical tickets. Just show up at the gate with picture ID!

Donate to offset your carbon impact!
Each can of white gas burned produces 20.05 lbs of carbon dioxide: 1 tree planted by a local non-profit will absorb 23.2 lbs of carbon dioxide in its first 10 years of life. At 40 years old each tree will absorb 48 lbs of carbondioxide per year. Trees will be planted by
Adopt a Stream Foundation.