Packing List

Top 10 must haves for PFG:

  1. Bed padding: most of the shelters at PFG have wooden bunks and your standard air mattress won't fit on top.
  2. Shower shoes: there are showers at PFG! But you won't be anxious to go in barefoot.
  3. Food bins (with lids): ninja trained squirrels will steal your food if they can access it.
  4. Wagon: skip the shuttle line and haul your stuff in on foot!
  5. Prop storage or decor: everyone's props look the same in the dark! Avoid confusion in the evenings at the fire circle and on the beach and craft something to distinguish your props from your neighbor's props.
  6. Fuel for the fire circle. (White Gas or Lamp Oil) Don't forget to bring enough fuel to spin fire for the entire weekend! You'll want that extra can of fuel.
  7. A hot or homemade dish to share at the Thursday Night Potluck (in an oven-safe container - we’ll reheat it for you) - you will receive a raffle ticket for your efforts.
  8. Hydration pack or the biggest water bottle you can find. The nights are long and the walk to your campsite is daunting - save a trip and remember to hydrate!
  9. Towel for showers and the sauna. Yes, we have an amazing mobile sauna! Bring a towel for your spa day.
  10. Socks or slippers for the lodge. The lodge is a shoe-free zone. Take workshops all day, spin all night, and stay cozy.


You are responsible for bringing enough food for the entire weekend. We recommend packing food in bins as critters can -and will- easily get into your food otherwise.

You can store your food in the lodge - please respect the community space and remember to clean up and take all of your things when you leave. 

We will have a couple of food vendors on site, but their hours and options may be limited.

There are covered areas with picnic tables near each campsite where you can prepare food. Camping stoves are recommended - coordinate with friends so that you can share!

On Thursday night, we host an epic potluck in the lodge! We have ovens for hot dishes and give away raffle tickets for anything homemade. Make a little label of the contents of your dish.


We will be on the Oregon coast where the weather can change often and unexpectedly. September is usually a beautiful month, but the Oregon coast is known for wind, moisture, and rain at any time of year. In short, bring everything you need for an outdoor weekend: flow gear, warm gear for the evenings, sunscreen, rain gear, and a hat for sun.