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On this page you will find a lot of useful information about rules, camping, workshops, food, and what to bring. Please read through it completely to be as prepared as possible.

This event is not a party. We have fun, but our focus is on learning and community. We are an all ages gathering and we ask that you be respectful of everyone.

Our Mission is: 1) to Build Community, 2) to Learn & Share Knowledge, 3) to Broaden and Interconnect the Spectrum of Flow Arts Culture

Pacific Fire Gathering captures the magical element of Flow. Nestled into a venue of incredible natural beauty and set on the forest and beach of the Pacific Ocean, our connection to the energies of the natural world is palpable at this intimate festival. Our community of flow and movement artists is closely connected, yet openly welcoming at the same time. The festival is small enough to feel like we’re all one family. By day, over 100 workshops take place around the main lodge, on a bluff overlooking the ocean. When the sun sets, participants gather to watch and co-create performance showcases for both fire and non-fire acts. At night, the fire circle burns bright within a staff’s throw of the beach while the sounds of breaking waves mixes with our own musical performer’s creations. Sit in the teahouse at the edge of the circle and watch your friends spin as you sip oolong and contemplate the true meaning of Flow. Pacific Fire is a festival like no other.


There are a few rules to abide by to keep us all safe and happy.

Arrival/Check in starts at 12pm Thursday. All attendees need to be off the site by 3pm Sunday.

Upon arriving at PFG you will be asked to park your vehicle, sign in at the gate, locate your campsite on foot (15 min walk) and return to the parking area to inform your friendly Ranger where you are planning to camp. Your gear will then be shuttled to the drop off zone closest to your camp.

Shuttle hours are as follows:

Note: You will not be able to drive your vehicle past the parking area, if you are planning to arrive during a time when the shuttle is not scheduled, please prepare to carry your gear to your camp, or bring a cart/wheelbarrow to help with your trip. Note: The campsites and events are more than a 15 min walk from the parking area.

Leave No Trace. If you pack it into the event, you must bring it all home. This practice is otherwise termed as “Pack it in, Pack it out”. Repackage food to minimize waste. Bring extra trash bags with you. Inspect your campsites before you leave and pack out all trash, recycling, and litter. Please help us keep the costs as low as possible by leaving the camp better than we found it. Boy Scouts are famous for finding hidden treasure.

You must take care of your own needs. You are responsible for your own food/snacks, plates, utensils, dish washing, sleeping bag, warm clothes, camping stuff. Bringing a mug of some kind will also allow you to enjoy warm beverages that we will provide on occasion.

No Pets are permitted on the grounds, by express demands of the venue.

Pacific Fire is a drug and alcohol free event. No open containers allowed on site.

Be respectful of the venue’s property. No cutting trees, damaging buildings, or any of that other stuff we know you wouldn’t even think of doing anyway. Please drive slowly on camp roads.

Parking is very limited. We strongly encourage carpooling. It will save you money and make your drive more fun.

Cell service is patchy, but possible. Reportedly, Verizon has a better signal here, and At&t is bad. But within a short drive you can find better signal.

There is no ATM on site. Please bring cash if you plan to buy from the food or product vendors.


There are no physical tickets. Once you buy a ticket, your name appears on the list. Just show up at the gate with picture ID.

For more information, visit the Ticket Info Page (sold out).


Everybody’s doing it. From the organizers to the workshop teachers, we all are contributing our time and energy. In turn we ask all participants find at least two slots of volunteer activities. There is enough variety of tasks that there is something for every skill set. Basically, it takes all of us working together to create a safe, enjoyable, and affordable event.

You can find the Volunteer Signup Page at the link below. You’ll need to have a ticket in your name before you can volunteer.

Pacific Fire Gathering 2017 Volunteer Signup


For the full info about the campsites, what they contain, and how to choose where to camp, visit our CAMPING INFO page.

Camping is rustic! Be prepared for a weekend in the woods!

About half the campsites have ‘Adirondaks’ that are already in place. Adirondaks are 3-walled cabins with 4-8 bunk beds in each. If you camp in an Adirondak, you will want a sleeping pad/mat and bedding (e.g. sleeping bag).

The other half of the campsites have ‘Tent Platforms’. These are wooden decks with a small boy-scout A-frame over the top. The platform is about 7 feet by 9 feet, with a 6+ foot height. If you bring your own tent, choosing a campsite with tent platforms is a great option.

Almost every campsite also has flat space for a few tents. You are welcome to pitch your tent where you like as long as you don’t over-crowd your neighbors. There are almost no locations feasible for giant tents, or tents with multiple rooms. You will have a very hard time finding a home if you bring a tent of this size.

No parking is allowed in the camp area. You CANNOT drive into the site past the parking area. Roads are one lane and without turnarounds. We will be shuttling people and gear to tent sites with a pickup truck. No camping is allowed in the parking area; if you feel like you must camp near your vehicle there is a field across the road from parking, but it is not the nicest spot or the most centrally located.

RV parking is available, but not recommended. You should be prepared for a long downhill walk at the beginning of the day and a good uphill walk upon your return. This adds a good 15 min walk that is approximately 0.5 miles.

Bathrooms/Showers. Each camp area has two rustic outhouses. Showers and flushing toilets can be found near the main lodge and within the shower house facilities.

Water on site is fine to drink, but doesn’t always come out clear. It is chlorinated at a safe level to get rid of anything nasty. We highly recommend everyone has a water bottle and carries it with them to stay hydrated throughout the event.

No open fires at the campsites. Fires are NOT allowed in the fire pits located at each camp. Come to the main area for the campfires.


We are using a Facebook Group to help you connect amongst yourselves, both drivers and passengers. You can find it here: Pacific Fire Gathering Rideshare Facebook Group


To learn and share is an important part of the mission of Pacific Fire. Click on the link below to see the schedule of classes we have in store.

Pacific Fire Gathering 2017 Workshop Schedule

Please remember that the human brain can only retain a certain amount of information. If you overload yourself with too many classes, you won’t remember as much as if you focus on a few. Sometimes the best breakthroughs happen on your own or when teaching or sharing with a small group of people. Please feel free to contribute your knowledge by teaching and sharing with your fellow participant. Sharing is the best way to advance our art. a trick or two to a new friend.

It is highly recommended to bring a notebook or a small video recording device to help you remember what you learned in the workshops.


You are responsible for your own food. Camping stoves are a good bet. To make it easier, think of coordinating with some friends so that you can all share a stove. Think pot, pan, utensils, plate, bowl, cup, dish soap, sponge, etc. Plus, ice for cooling and a cooler to hold it in. There are covered areas with picnic tables near each campsite where you can prepare food. It is a good idea to repackage food to minimize waste and prepare food in advance for ease of cooking. There is a Safeway in Tillamook, about 20 miles away, and en route from the north.

Vendors. There is no ATM on site. Please bring cash! We have vendors selling clothing, props, PFG memorabilia. We will also have at least one food vendor set up to sell you snacks and meals. It is in the best interest of your wallet and health to not rely upon this food for every meal. So bring your food, and supplement with the extra goodies.

Thursday night will be a potluck! So cook something up before you leave home, and make enough to share. We’ll all get together in the main lodge for the first night to share a meal. Make a little label, too, of what your dish is and if it contains any potential allergens, meat, gluten, nuts, dairy, etc.

Be prepared. We will be on the Oregon Coast, about 20-25 minutes from the nearest stores and shops. There is no grocery or “necessities” vending on site. The weather can be very unexpected. September is usually a beautiful month, but the coast is known for wind, moisture, and rain at any time of year, and often without warning. In short, bring everything you need for an outdoor weekend: sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothing, warm gear, sun block, rain gear, a hat for sun, food, personals etc. As at any other venue, no alcohol, drugs, or pets are allowed.

Thanks and blessings, from all the volunteers collaborating to make this gathering the most special weekend ever!

Items you will definitely need:

Items you will probably want:

Camp Meriwether
17500 Cape Lookout Road
Cloverdale, OR 97112

Click Here For Camp Meriwether on Google Maps

From Portland, Washington, Idaho, or anywhere that goes through Portland:

  1. Go West on Hwy 26 out of Portland area for about 20 miles.
  2. Turn LEFT onto Hwy 6 towards Tillamook. Go just over 50 miles.
  3. When you get to Tillamook, turn LEFT onto Hwy 101-South
  4. Go about 13-15 miles until the Sand Lake Junction that’s marked by a brown sign for a recreation area. Turn RIGHT here.
  5. Go for 4 to 4.5 miles until the first stop sign.
  6. Continue straight for another 1.3 miles until you see a big sign on the left that says ‘Meriwether-Clark’. Turn LEFT there.
  7. Stay right until the ‘Y’ junction with a shack. At the shack in the fork in the road, turn LEFT. Keep driving until you see our greeters and the parking area.

From Salem, Eugene, Ashland, or any points south:

  1. Use I-5 to go to Salem
  2. Take exit 253 for hwy OR-22. Turn LEFT at the exit
  3. Follow signs through the city of Salem to stay on Hwy 22 (or use a web-based map program to get very detailed directions with street names).
  4. Follow Hwy 22 for about 55 miles until you hit Hwy 101-North.
  5. Turn RIGHT onto Hwy 101-North.
  6. After 4.6 miles, turn LEFT to stay on 101-North
  7. After another 3.4 miles turn LEFT onto Sandlake Rd, where there are signs for a recreation area.
  8. Go for 4 to 4.5 miles until the first stop sign.
  9. Continue straight for another 1.3 miles until you see a big sign on the left that says ‘Meriwether-Clark’. Turn LEFT there.
  10. Stay right until the ‘Y’ junction with a shack. At the shack in the fork in the road, turn LEFT. Keep driving until you see our greeters and the parking area.